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Gene Wood // TouchPoint Member Bio



Super Password - Gene Wood STEPS TO THE STAGE and BREAKS IT! | BUZZR



"John... that's John!! Ratzenberger!!" Great Gene Wood moment on Super Password (February 5+6, 1987)



TPIR 1985- Gene Wood Open



Super Password: Just another funny moment with Gene Wood and Bert Convy (1988)

Eugene Edward Wood was an American television personality, known primarily for his work as an announcer on various game shows. From the 1960s to the 1990s, he announced many game shows, primarily Mark Goodson–Bill Todman productions such as Family Feud, Card Sharks, Password, and Beat the Clock. Wood also served a brief stint as a host on this last show, and on another show entitled Anything You Can Do. After retiring from game shows in 1996, Wood worked as an announcer for the Game Show Network until his retirement in 1998.
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