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Veterinary Dermatology Top Tips - Rabbits - Listrophorus Gibbus


Rabbit Fur Mite external parasite - Listrophorus Gibbus


Rabbit Fur Mite - Listrophorus Gibbus on fur


Ear mites inside a rabbit’s ear


Checking Rabbits for Ear Mites

Listrophorus is a genus of parasitic mites in the family Listrophoridae. North American species with their hosts include:Listrophorus americanus – muskrat Listrophorus caudatus – round-tailed muskrat Listrophorus dicrostonyx – collared lemming (Dicrostonyx) Listrophorus dozieri – muskrat; Virginia opossum Listrophorus faini – muskrat Listrophorus floridanus – southeastern pocket gopher Listrophorus kingstownensis – muskrat Listrophorus klebergi – hispid pocket mouse ; hispid cotton rat Listrophorus laynei – round-tailed muskrat Listrophorus leuckarti – meadow vole ; house mouse Listrophorus mexicanus – sagebrush vole ; rock vole ; montane vole ; prairie vole ; creeping vole ; meadow vole; water vole ; Townsend's vole ; western red-backed vole ; southern red-backed vole ; southern bog lemming ; white-footed mouse ; house mouse; woodland jumping mouse ; meadow jumping mouse ; western jumping mouse ; least weasel ; pallid bat ; Townsend's mole ; marsh shrew ; long-tailed shrew Listrophorus neotomae – Florida woodrat ; southern Plains woodrat Listrophorus ondatrae – muskrat Listrophorus phenacomys – eastern heather vole Listrophorus pitymys – northern short-tailed shrew ; meadow vole; pine vole Listrophorus sparsilineatus – cotton mouse Listrophorus synaptomys – northern bog lemming ; southern bog lemming Listrophorus validus – muskrat
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