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North Carolina judicial elections, 2018

At least one justice of the seven-member North Carolina Supreme Court and at least three judges of the 15-member North Carolina Court of Appeals will be elected by North Carolina voters on November 6, 2018, concurrently with other state elections. Terms for seats on each court are eight years. These elections will be partisan for the first time since the elections of 2002. A law passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2017 cancelled primary elections for judicial elections in 2018 only, meaning that an unlimited number of candidates from any party could run in the general election.


  • General 

  • Supreme Court Seat 1 (Jackson seat) 

  • Court of Appeals Seat 1 (Arrowood seat) 

  • Court of Appeals Seat 2 (Calabria seat) 

  • Court of Appeals Seat Seat 3 (Elmore seat)