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North Karelia Brigade


ARROW17 – Iskukyky vahvistuu | Enhancing effective engagement capability


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Abandoned Military Base - Closed down


Pohjoista suorituskykyä – Capability of the North


Finnish Military Marches - Karjalan jääkärien marssi

North Karelia Brigade is a former Finnish Army unit that was situated in Kontioranta, Kontiolahti, about 19 kilometres North from the city of Joensuu. The brigade was closed down in the end of 2013. Annually 1500 recruits started their military service in Kontioranta. The brigade was the infantry centre of Eastern Finland: it trained soldiers to work in the roadless circumstances in North Karelia, Southern Savonia and Northern Savonia. The majority of conscripts were from that area. There were about 300 staff and career personnel. The last commander of the Brigade was Colonel Jari Kytölä.
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