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North Korean parliamentary election, 1990

Parliamentary elections were held in North Korea on 22 April 1990. 687 deputies were elected to the ninth Supreme People's Assembly. The first session was on May 24–26, 1990. Of the 687 deputies, workers accounted for 37 percent, farmers 10.4 percent, and women 20.1 percent. The Korean Social Democratic Party held 7.4 percent and the Chondoist Chongu Party held 3.2 percent of the seats, with the two parties together holding 10.6 percent of the seats. The Worker's Party of Korea retained 83 percent of seats. Among the 687 seats which constitute the SPA at that time, 601 seats were allocated to the Worker's Party of Korea, 51 seats were allocated to the Korean Social Democratic Party representing 7.4 percent of the whole, 22 seats were allocated to the Chondoist Chongu Party representing 3.2 percent of them and the "independent" deputies were given 13 seats . Deputies whose ages were below 35 represented a rate of 2.9 percent. Those who were between 36 and 55 represented a rate of 56.8 percent, and those who were over 55 represented a rate of 40.3 percent.


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