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North Mole Lighthouse


North Mole Lighthouse by Drone (Fremantle, Western Australia) - Dronology


North Mole Lighthouse | Fremantle | Western Australia


North Mole Lighthouse - Travel Sketch (PERTH)


South Mole Battery and Lighthouse, Fremantle


North Mole Fishing Spot || North Mole Light House || Perth, Western Australia

The North Mole Lighthouse began operation in 1906 at entrance to Fremantle Harbour. The occulting red light, emitted from a fixed lightsource at a focal plane height of 15 metres (49 ft) above sea level, is visible for 11 miles (18 km) and indicates the westernmost point of the harbour and its entrance. The lighthouse established permanent service from 1906; after the mole's foundations had settled a temporary lighting arrangement there was discharged. The light originally planned for the house was found to be too powerful and was sent to Broome for the steel lighthouse at Gantheume Point.
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