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North River Mills Historic District

Architectural structures

North River Mills Historic District is a national historic district located at North River Mills, Hampshire County, West Virginia. The district encompasses 25 contributing buildings and five contributing sites. The district lies along Hiett Run, which empties into the North River, a tributary of the Cacapon River. It has become an industrial ghost town, now visited only by summer residents and tourists. The contributing buildings include the Hiett House with shed and privy; Croston House and barn ; North River Mills Grocery ; Shanholtz House, also known as North River Mills Society for Antiquarian Arts and the Diffusion of Knowledge; North River Mills School ; Miller House and associated outbuildings; United Methodist Church ; Kump House ; and the Moreland House. Contributing sites are the cemetery associated with the Kump House, Miller Mill Site, Shanholtz Mill Site, mill pond, and millrace.


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