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Northern Avenue Bridge

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The Northern Avenue Bridge, also known as the Old Northern Avenue Bridge is a bridge that spans Fort Point Channel Boston, Massachusetts. Built in 1908, it was closed to vehicle traffic in 1999 and operated as a pedestrian bridge until December 2014 when it was closed after inspectors found that thirteen floor beams were unsafe for pedestrians. In a October 26th, 2015 letter, the Coast Guard informed the City of Boston that the bridge was a 'hazard to navigation' due to the risk of it falling into the Fort Point Channel and requested removal of most vulnerable portion. The center span of the truss also carried a single track for the Union Freight Railroad, although it was designed for two tracks. From 1912 to 1948, the bridge abutted a floating firehouse for Engine 44 of the Boston Fire Department. Following its closure as a road bridge, various redevelopment schemes have been proposed for the bridge, as well as outright demolition of the span.