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Northern Review

Northern Review was a Montreal-based literary magazine published in Canada between 1945 and 1956. It resulted from the merger between two earlier magazines, Preview and First Statement, both of which were also Montreal-based. Poet and literary critic John Sutherland, who founded First Statement, became the managing editor of Northern Review. A number of well-known Canadian writers, including Patrick Anderson, A. M. Klein, Irving Layton, P. K. Page, F. R. Scott, and A. J. M. Smith also served as editors for various periods. In 1947, Sutherland's scathing review of Robert Finch's Governor General's Award-winning book, Poems, caused all of the latter-named editors, with the exception of Layton, to resign from the magazine's editorial board. Finch was a generally respected writer at the time who had co-published with Klein, Scott, and Smith in the 1936 poetry anthology New Provinces, so Sutherland's denouncement of Finch hit a sore spot with his elder colleagues.


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