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Team Northrace is one of the best European drag racing teams. Members of Team Northrace and their driver Kenneth Feldthusen have a total Drag Racing experience of nearly 100 years. Since 1997 they are concentrated on making a Chevy34 go as fast as possible. This car is a supercharged overloaded, methanol Altetred, build by the team to compete in classes of Competition Eliminator. The car has a capacity to go a 6.4 second races. So far Team Northrace won the Swedish Championships 1999 and was third in 2005 in the class of Competition Eliminator. They get European record in AA/Altered in 2004 and now they are the European Fastest Methanol Altered with ET of 6,64 sec. and 2010 they get European Record in AB/Altered with ET of 6,58 sec.


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