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Norwegian County Road 55


County Road 55 is a 248.1-kilometer-long (154.2 mi) highway which runs between Lom and Høyanger in Norway. The 108-kilometer (67 mi) section across Sognefjellet, known as Sognefjellsvegen, is designated a National Tourist Route. Also a short section at Balestrand is a National Tourist Route. The road reaches the highest altitude on the public road network in Norway, 1434 m, and it is closed every winter. Prior to 2010, the road was part of National Road 55. The road has importance as part of the shortest route between Trondheim and Bergen, 636 km, including a ferry. Usually a faster route is used, like those including road 51, road 15 or E39. Local politicians lobby for two tunnels under the mountains, totalling around 50 km. This would create a winter open and ferry free road between Trondheim and Bergen much shorter than present alternatives.