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Notable instances of ballot box stuffing

This is a partial list of well-documented instances of ballot stuffing.Electoral district of Cook#1883 election In the 1883 election for the district of Cook, in Queensland, Australia, arrests were made in connection with accusations of ballot stuffing, and the election committee subsequently changed the result of the election. Major League Baseball All-Star Game#Stuffing the ballot box The Major League Baseball All-Star Game has suffered from ballot stuffing more than once. In 1957, Cincinnati Reds fans arranged for seven of the eight elected starting fielders to be Reds players. In 1999, the online ballot was stuffed in favor of Nomar Garciaparra. In 2015, Major League Baseball annulled 65 million online ballots. During election day of the 2018 Russian Presidential Election, there were multiple instances, some caught on camera, throughout Russia of voters and polling-staff alike stuffing multiple votes for incumbent President, Vladimir Putin in the ballot box.