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Nothing as It Seems (album)


Nothing As It Seems was the debut studio album from the Canadian band Wave. In 2001 a song hit radio airwaves that immediately seemed to define that summer. "California" introduced the world to Wave whose gold debut album, Nothing As It Seems, eventually spawned three Top 40 hits and two Top 5 videos. Wave's debut album, Nothing as it Seems, was recorded partly in Los Angeles and partly in Toronto. There were plenty of well-known artists called in to lend a helping hand on the album, like guitarists John Pierce and Tim Pierce, drummer Vinny Colaiuta, keyboardist Justin Gray, and producers Ben Dunk and Rick Neigher. Some of the songs Wave has recorded include "With the Stars," "I'd Give Anything," "Until the Record Breaks," "Daydream," "Don't Leave," and "California."