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Life in darkness: Orotrechus fabianii (cave dwelling beetle)


Top 10 Most amazing eyeless and colorless white animals that evolved and thrive in caves


Life in darkness: Boldoriella humeralis (cave dwelling beetle)


Experimental cave beetle culture


Pakistan Weirdest Place Gondrani

Orotrechus is a genus of troglobitic beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species:Orotrechus caranthiacus Mandl, 1940 Orotrechus cavallensis Jeannel, 1928 Orotrechus dallarmii Daffner, 1987 Orotrechus euganeus Pace, 1974 Orotrechus fabianii Gestro, 1900 Orotrechus fiorii Alzona, 1899 Orotrechus forojulensis Busulini, 1959 Orotrechus gigas Vigna Taglianti, 1981 Orotrechus giordanii Agazzi, 1957 Orotrechus globulipennis Schaum, 1860 Orotrechus gracilis Meggioiano, 1961 Orotrechus haraldi Daffnan, 1990 Orotrechus holdhausi Ganglbauer, 1904 Orotrechus jamae C. Etonti & M. Etonti, 1979 Orotrechus lucensis Scheibel, 1935 Orotrechus mandriolae Ganglbauer, 1911 Orotrechus messai J. Muller, 1913 Orotrechus montellensis Agazzi, 1956 Orotrechus muellerianus Schatzmayr, 1907 Orotrechus novaki Mlejnek, J. Moravec & Udrzal, 1994 Orotrechus pavionis Maggiolaro, 1961 Orotrechus pominii Tamanini, 1954 Orotrechus puchneri Lebenbauer, 1998 Orotrechus robustus Jeannel, 1928 Orotrechus ruffoi Tamanini, 1954 Orotrechus sabenelloi Daffner, 1983 Orotrechus schwienbacheri Grottolo & Martinelli, 1991 Orotrechus slapniki Drovenik, Miejnek & J. Moravec, 1997 Orotrechus springeri J. Muller, 1928 Orotrechus stephani J. Muller, 1913 Orotrechus subpannonicus Daffner, 1994 Orotrechus targionii Della Torre, 1881 Orotrechus theresiae Casale, M. Etonti & Giachino, 1992 Orotrechus torretassoi J. Muller, 1928 Orotrechus venetianus Winkler, 1911 Orotrechus vicentinus Castro, 1907 Orotrechus winkleri Meggiolaro, 1959
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