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Places & Spaces: Mapping Science


Places & Spaces: Mapping Science: An Video of the Exhibition


Places and Spaces: Mapping Science


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Mapping the hidden values of Bicester's green spaces


The Memory Palace : Can You Do It?

Places & Spaces: Mapping Science is an internationally recognized science exhibition that demonstrates the power of maps to analyze, organize, and visualize abstract intellectual spaces. The exhibit showcases high-resolution maps that represent complex data in a visually understandable format. The maps featured in Places & Spaces were created by a global collection of experts in the fields of scientometrics, the natural, physical, and social sciences, visual arts, socio-political policymaking, and the humanities. By the end of 2014, the exhibit had collected 100 maps and various additional elements. The latter include Ingo Günther's WorldProcessor Globes, an illuminated diagram display, the Gapminder Card Game, hands-on science maps for kids, and the award-winning short film Humanexus.