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Pseudolampetis is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species:Pseudolampetis aequatoris (Obenberger, 1924) Pseudolampetis bilineata (Latreille, 1813) Pseudolampetis boliviana Obenberger, 1939 Pseudolampetis camposi (Théry, 1907) Pseudolampetis cincta (Kerremans, 1897) Pseudolampetis circumsulcata (Laporte & Gory, 1837) Pseudolampetis elytralis (Obenberger, 1917) Pseudolampetis fasciata (Kerremans, 1919) Pseudolampetis luteitarsis (Moore, 1986) Pseudolampetis plagiata (Kerremans, 1919) Pseudolampetis rossi (Cobos, 1969) Pseudolampetis soukupi Obenberger, 1939 Pseudolampetis weyrauchi (Cobos, 1969)