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Pskov Governorate

Pskov Governorate was an administrative division of the Russian Empire, which existed from 1772 until 1777 and from 1796 until 1927. Its seat was located in Opochka between 1772 and 1776, and in Pskov after 1776. The governorate was located in the west of Russian Empire and bordered Saint Petersburg Governorate in the north, Novgorod Governorate in the northeast, Tver Governorate in the east, Smolensk Governorate in the southeast, Byelorussia Governorate in the south, and the Governorate of Livonia in the west. In terms of modern administrative division of Russia, the area of the governorate is currently split between Pskov, Tver, and Novgorod Oblasts. The former border between Pskov Governorate and the Governorate of Livonia still largely corresponds to the state border between Russia in the east and Estonia and Latvia in the west.


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