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Pudovik reaction

In organophosphorus chemistry, the Pudovik reaction is a method for preparing α-aminomethylphosphonates. Under basic conditions, the phosphorus–hydrogen bond of a dialkylphosphite, (RO)2P(O)H, adds across the carbon–nitrogen double bond of an imine. The reaction is closely related to the three-component Kabachnik–Fields reaction, where an amine, phosphite, and an organic carbonyl compound are condensed, which was reported independently by Martin Kabachnik and Ellis Fields in 1952. In the Pudovik reaction, a generic imine, RCH=NR', would react with a phosphorous reagent like diethylphosphite as follows:RCH=NR' + (EtO)2P(O)H → (EtO)2P(O)CHR-NHR'


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