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Puerto Rico Highway 185


Puerto Rico Highway 185 is a main highway that connects Canóvanas, Puerto Rico to Juncos, Puerto Rico and is about 25 kilometers long. It begins in downtown of Canóvanas, very close to Puerto Rico Highway 3 and ends in Puerto Rico Highway 952 and Puerto Rico Highway 30 in Juncos. For people coming from/going to Caguas, the highway has a direct intersection with PR-30; for those coming from/going to Humacao, drivers have to take short highway PR-952 and then take PR-189 just before its intersection with PR-30, hence this exit being one of the most disorganized junctions in the island between a main highway and a main freeway or tollway in the island. New Puerto Rico Highway 66 also has a poor-designed intersection with the highway, since it only allow people going to/coming from Carolina (west) and not the east. This is probably because the short segment open from the new tollway immediately ends at PR-3 only 2 kilometers from the exit to PR-185 and thus expected to be fixed when the segment to Rio Grande opens to the public.


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