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Pui-Kuen Yeung


Pui-kuen Yeung (PI) & Matthew Clay: Extreme events, resolution effects ...


Simulating Turbulence: Resolution, extreme events, and towards extreme computing by P K Yeung


Petascale Simulation of High Reynolds Number Turbulence


Petascale Computations for Complex Turbulent Flows at High Reynolds Number


Hung Ka 洪家正宗 陳漢宗門人 Master Jim Uglow Come From London England

Pui-Kuen Yeung from the Georgia Institute of Technology, was awarded the status of Fellow in the American Physical Society, after they were nominated by their Division of Fluid Dynamics in 2006, for insightful contributions to the understanding and modeling of similarity scaling in turbulence and the mixing of passive scalars, especially the study of Lagrangian statistics and dispersion in turbulence through high-resolution simulations addressing Reynolds number and Schmidt number dependencies.
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