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Pulaski Park, Northampton

Pulaski Park is a small urban park located in the city of Northampton, Massachusetts. It is situated on Main Street between the City Hall and the Academy of Music Theatre. It consists of shade trees, walkways, benches, a playground, and a small stage The front of the park consists of a plaza with movable cafeteria tables and chairs that are used to eat, converse, and relax. Behind the plaza exists a grassy space suitable for picnics and enjoying the sun on a warm day. The play area consists of stumps to jump on as well as a slide made out of Goshen stone. Other unique features include planters and other features made of rusty steel, serving as a nod to Northampton's industrial past. Still another environmentally friendly feature that was added to the park was a stormwater garden consisting of plants that absorb rainwater and naturally treat it before being carried into the storm drainage system. The park was named after Polish military leader Casimir Pulaski. A bus stop that serves several routes on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), including several routes leading to University of Massachusetts Amherst, is also located there.