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Punjabi Virsa 2006

Punjabi Virsa 2006 was a concert tour by Manmohan Waris, Sangtar and Kamal Heer. The Punjabi Virsa 2006 concert at the Hershey Centre was recorded live and released on DVD and CD by Plasma Records. The Tour featured concerts in 34 Cities. This has been one of the biggest Punjabi Virsa tours and one of the most successful ones. After the tour Sangtar said the following: "We had a wonderful time meeting people all around the world. We have gained a lot of respect for our fans and above all we have gained a few life long friendships out of this tour. We are entertainers, expecting a social change from an entertainer is a far stretch, but when we hear that our songs and music have effected society positively, it makes it all worth while. We thank all those who came to our shows and all those who have supported us throughout our careers."


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