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Punking later on referred to as "Whacking" is a street dance from the underground gay community of Los Angeles that was developed in the early 1970s. The dance borrows inspiration from various sources such as silent films, movies, film stars and starlets Musicals, Hollywood, Drama, Cartoons, the photography book the Four Fabulous Faces, and their own personal life. The dance is characterized by acting/behavior, sharp striking movements and posing, extreme usage of space, athleticism, intricate musicality, and complete dominance of the music. The origin of the name Punking, derives from the urban slang term 'Punk' which was a derogatory term for gay men. The term Punking was coined by legendary DJ from Ginos II and Punking originator, Michael Angelo Harris, who used the word Punk as a form of empowerment to name what him and the collective group of men that were developing and creating in notable underground gay clubs such as Paradise Ballroom, Ginos, Ginos II . Once the dance started to further develop, the originators used the word 'Whack' which means to strike with force or a sharp blow, borrowed from the onamonapias of the 1960s TV series Batman, to describe how they were executing their movement. The terms 'punk' 'pose' and 'whack' became their way of loosely explaining the dance to outsiders who were interested in the dance they were developing.


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