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2014 Aegean Sea earthquake


M 6.9 EARTHQUAKE - AEGEAN SEA - May 24, 2014


Istanbul, Turkey A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea on Friday afternoon


Aegean Sea Earthquake: Strong quake kills at least two in Greece


Earthquake of 6.3 magnitude in Aegean Sea


6 9 Earthquake Hits Aegean Sea! 266 Injured, Quake Swarm Continues!

The 2014 Aegean Sea earthquake occurred in the northern Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey on May 24. It had a moment magnitude of 6.9 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe). Serious damage was reported on the Turkish island of Imbros and the cities of Edirne and Çanakkale, as well as on the Greek island of Lemnos. The earthquake was felt in Bulgaria and southern Romania. Several aftershocks followed the main shock, the strongest measuring 5.3 ML. This aftershock struck the Gulf of Saros at 12:31 local time.
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