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Schultz & Larsen M52 Target Rifle


Schultz and Larsen Target Rifle and Sporter


Schultz & Larsen Classic DL 6,5x55mm target practice


Schultz & Larsen RPLT-42: Danish Occupation Rifle


The Schultz & Larsen Rifle


Karabiner 98k

The M52 was the first in a family of target rifles based on refurbished Mauser M98 military actions by the Danish company Schultz & Larsen in the years following World War II. They were produced to fill a need for target rifles by the Danish shooting association - De Danske Skytteforeninger. The M52 was superseded by later variants the last of which remained in production until the 1970s. It had a similar development path to other Scandinavian target rifles derived from German M98 and other Mauser actions, such as the Kongsberg M59 and Carl Gustaf M63.