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Sus scrofa vittatus


Sanglier sundanais / Banded pig (Sus scrofa vittatus)


Camera Trap - CELENG JAWA (Sus scrofa vittatus) | Bumiayu Wildlife


Indonesian Wild Boar


female Indian Wild boar or Pigs (Sus scrofa cristatus), In Forest


FOTOPASTI 2015 (1/7) - Koroptev, Luskoun, Dikobraz, Makak, Srstín, Ratufa, Prase, Muntžak, Charza

The banded pig also known as the Indonesian wild boar is a subspecies of wild boar native to the Thai-Malay Peninsula and many Indonesian islands, including Sumatra, Java, and the Lesser Sundas as far east as Komodo. It is known as the wild boar in Singapore. It is the most basal subspecies, having the smallest relative brain size, more primitive dentition and unspecialised cranial structure. It is a short-faced subspecies with a white band on the muzzle, as well as sparse body hair, no underwool, a fairly long mane, and a broad reddish band extending from the muzzle to the sides of the neck. It is much smaller than the mainland cristatus subspecies, with the largest specimens on Komodo weighing only 48 kg.
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