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2017 Lesbos earthquake


Lesbos / Greece Earthquake 2017 Visualization Map


June 2017: Earthquake in Vrysa, Lesvos.


Greece: Earthquake leaves Lesbos homes in ruins


Powerful Earthquake In Greece Kos || Turkey Bodrum Coast Mediterranean Tsunami


Presentation of Vrisa before the destruction of 2017

The 2017 Lesbos earthquake occurred at 12:28:39 UTC on 12 June. The earthquake's epicentre was 5 km south of Plomari on the Greek island of Lesbos off the Aegean coast of Turkey. It had a magnitude of 6.3 on the moment magnitude scale and a maximum perceived intensity of IX (Violent) on the Mercalli intensity scale. Extensive damage was caused on parts of southern Lesbos, where there was one fatality and 10 people were injured. The earthquake was also felt in Turkey but no significant damage or injuries were reported.