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25/05/1973 Skylab 2


1973: Skylab 2 (NASA)


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Classic NASA Film - Skylab - #4


NASAFLIX - SKYLAB: Space Station One - MOVIE

Skylab 2 was the first manned mission to Skylab, the first U.S. orbital space station. The mission was launched on a Saturn IB rocket and carried a three-person crew to the station. The name Skylab 2 also refers to the vehicle used for that mission. The Skylab 2 mission established a twenty-eight-day record for human spaceflight duration. Furthermore, its crew were the first space station occupants ever to return safely to Earth – the only previous space station occupants, the crew of the 1971 Soyuz 11 mission that had manned the Salyut 1 station for twenty-four days, were killed during reentry.