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Task Force Tripoli


Voices & stories: Dr. Aman Ramali - Head of ECOMOD Taskforce, University of Tripoli


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Marines In Tripoli


Libya rivals in fierce fighting in Tripoli


Airstrike hits Tripoli house killing at least 3

Task Force Tripoli (TFT) was a United States Marine Corps air-ground task force formed after the fall of Baghdad during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. They were commanded by Brigadier General John F. Kelly, then Assistant Division Commander of the 1st Marine Division, and its mission was to continue the attack north and secure the city of Tikrit. The unit was task organized on April 12, 2003 in a staging area east of Baghdad and had secured Tikrit by April 15. It is the first time that the Marine Corps had ever employed an entire LAV regiment and marked the farthest inland that Marine Forces had ever pushed.