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Team Pentacle


Paranormal Investigation by Team Pentacle. I Studio House85


KII session at Bhangarh Fort - Team Pentacle


The whistling ghost - Team Pentacle


The Pentacle Club Team Up With The Cambridge Science Festival For Their Centenery Celebrations


The Staff of Karnath - Sir Arthur Pendragon's Adventures (C64 Games)

Team Pentacle is an India-based Paranormal Research Organisation that uses a blended approach of scientific methods and religious beliefs. Founded in 2013, by a group of enlightened minds, who collaborated despite of different work-stream and varied diversities, to work towards a single goal "to edify and illuminate the mankind" about the hidden/unknown world of one's own fear. The goal of the team is to bring to light the unbiased and irrefutable facts about the realm of unknown and otherworldly phenomenon in turn preserving the quintessence of the ancient secrets and modern mysteries. Team Pentacle uses a blended approach of scientific tools and religious beliefs.