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Texas Chainsaw House


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Texas Chainsaw Massacre House, Kingsland, TX


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Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre House Revisited

The Texas Chainsaw House is located in Kingsland, Texas, on the grounds of The Antlers Hotel. This 1900s Victorian house was featured prominently in the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as the home of Leatherface and his cannibalistic family, before it was moved to this location from Williamson County in 1998. The then-dilapidated farm house originally sat on Quick Hill Road during the July-August 1973 filming of the movie, then sat vacant and deteriorating. The original site is where La Frontera is now located, in Round Rock.Location of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre farmhouse at Quick Hill – 30.480277°N 97.692522°W