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Miss World 2006 Tatana Kucharova (Tatiana Gregor) Crowning + Miss Indonesia 2006


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Japji Khaira Australia talent semi final Miss World Punjaban 2006 episode 6

Miss World 2006, the 56th edition of the Miss World pageant, was held on 30 September 2006 at the Sala Kongresowa, the main 2,897-seat auditorium of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. It was the first time ever that the pageant was held in the Continental Europe and a European city other than London, United Kingdom, having previously been held there in 2002 after the Nigeria Controversy. The pageant officially concluded after Taťána Kuchařová from the Czech Republic was crowned Miss World 2006 by outgoing titleholder Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir of Iceland.