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14/05/1973 Skylab heads to the stars


Skylab space station, (40th-1973), "Build A Space Station", BBC

Skylab was the United States' space station that orbited the Earth until it fell back to Earth amid huge worldwide media attention. Launched and operated by NASA, Skylab included a workshop, a solar observatory, and other systems necessary for crew survival and scientific experiments.
    • Essentials 

    • Background 

    • Development 

    • Operational history 

    • Experiments 

    • Film vaults and window radiation shield 

    • Gyroscopes 

    • Shower 

    • Cameras and film 

    • Computers 

    • Plans for re-use after the last mission 

    • After departure 

    • Rockets, rescue, and cancelled missions 

    • Engineering mock-ups 

    • Mission designations