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24/10/1260 Chartres Cathedral is consecrated


Chartres, France: Pure Gothic Cathedral


Chartres Cathedral (1963)


Engineering the Impossible: Chartres Cathedral | National Geographic


Notre-Dame de Chartres - Visiting Chartres Cathedral, France - UNESCO World Heritage site

The Chartres Cathedral has been a key destination for travelers, both for Christian pilgrims and secular tourists. It is the last of at least five cathedrals that were situated in the town in the past. The Cathedral built in French Gothic style is involved among World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
    • Essentials 

    • History 

    • Description 

    • The Portals and their sculpture 

    • Angels and monsters 

    • The Nave and ambulatory 

    • Stained glass windows 

    • The Crypt (9th–11th century) 

    • The Labyrinth 

    • Chapel of Piatus of Tournai, The Bishop's Palace and Gardens 

    • Construction 

    • Restoration 

    • The School of Chartres 

    • Social and economic context 

    • Pilgrimages and the legend of the ''Sancta Camisa'' 

    • Popular culture 

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