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11/02/2016 Prison riot breaks out at the Topo Chico prison


Luxury Cells Discovered After Prison Riots


49 detainees dead after Mexico Topo Chico prison riot


Saunas, Bar and Aquarium Found in Mexican Riot Prison


Prison riot between rival factions at Topo Chico in Mexico leaves 52 dead and 12 injured - TomoNews


LiveLeak.com - Surveillance Footage of Mexican Prison Riot that left 49 Dead

A prison riot broke out at the Topo Chico prison near Monterrey, Mexico. 49 inmates were killed during the riot and ensuing fire. The riot was the most deadly in Mexican penal history. After the rioting, authorities uncovered 'luxury cells' prison leaders had. Items confiscated included televisions, mini-fridges, aquariums, and saunas.