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24/03/2016 Video game Samorost 3 is released


Samorost 3 Teaser Trailer


Samorost 3 - Release Date Trailer


Samorost 3 Gameplay - Part 1 - Walkthrough (No Commentary)


Samorost 3 Secret features, places, music, holes and sounds.


Jakub Dvorský (Amanita Design) - The Journey Of Samorost 3

Samorost 3 is a puzzle point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design. It is the third video game title in the Samorost series and the sequel to Samorost 2. It is the first game in series that is full-length and with full HD graphics. The story takes place across five planets and four moons. The game was originally scheduled for 2015.
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