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18/03/1852 Wells Fargo is founded as a shipping company


Wells Fargo - History, Mission and Values


Wells Fargo & Company celebrates 160th anniversary and rings the NYSE Closing Bell


Wells Fargo Scandal: 5 Things you Need to Know!


Where we live: Wells Fargo's history in Portland

Henry Wells and William Fargo joined with a number of other investors, in order to fill the gap in cross-country shipping. The company originally specialized in shipping from the East Coast to mining camps around northern California. In later years, it developed into an international banking and financial services company.
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    • Wachovia acquisition 

    • History of Wells Fargo Securities 

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    • Community banking 

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    • 1981 MAPS Wells Fargo embezzlement scandal 

    • Higher costs charged to African-American and Hispanic borrowers 

    • Failure to monitor suspected money laundering 

    • Settlement and fines regarding mortgage servicing practices 

    • SEC fine due to inadequate risk disclosures 

    • Lawsuit by FHA over loan underwriting 

    • Lawsuit due to premium inflation on forced place insurance 

    • Lawsuit regarding excessive overdraft fees 

    • Tax avoidance and lobbying 

    • Prison industry investment 

    • SEC settlement for insider trading case 

    • Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal 

    • Racketeering lawsuit for mortgage appraisal overcharges 

    • Dakota Access Pipeline investment 

    • Failure to comply with document security requirements 

    • Connections to the gun industry and NRA 

    • Auto insurance 

    • CEO-to-worker pay ratio