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04/06/1999 Kosovo peace plan is agreed

Armed conflict in Kosovo started in February 1998 and lasted until June 1999. It was fought by the forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo Albanian rebel group. Thanks to the resolve of NATO after an incident in Racaku Kosovo peace plan agreed on June 4, 1999, and NATO gave massive air support to Kosovo and after it, war soon ended.


  • Essentials 

  • Background 

  • Eruption of War 

  • NATO bombing timeline 

  • Yugoslav army withdrawal and the entry of KFOR 

  • Reaction to the war 

  • Democratic League of Kosovo and FARK 

  • Casualties 

  • War crimes 

  • International reaction to NATO intervention 

  • Military and political consequences 

  • Military decorations 

  • Weaponry and vehicles used 

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