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21/07/1998 American astronaut Alan Shepard dies


Launch of Alan Shepard On Mercury-Redstone 3 Freedom 7


Alan Shepard " Launch ", LIVE on TV at NBC, (Mercury / Redstone rocket), May 5, 1961


Alan Shepard, MR-3 integral mission with CAM. May 5 1961


Apollo 14 Alan Shepard Golf age 47 oldest American on the Moon video


Apollo 14 Mission To Fra Mauro (1971)

He was the second man in space (after Yuri Gagarin). In 1961 he made a 15-minute suborbital jump aboard spaceship Freedom 7. After the Mercury program he was grounded because of an inner ear disease. But he returned to active duty and participated on Apollo programme. In 1971 Shepard landed on the Moon with Apollo 14. He tried to play golf on the lunar surface.