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Petlyakov Pe-8


IL2 1946 Petlyakov Pe-8=5000kg bomb


War Thunder: PE-8 Best bomber ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Russia: Downed WWII Petlyakov Pe-2 excavated & identified, bones found


IL2 - The mighty Petlyakov Pe-8 "Raspillodd"


Pe-8 of Soviet Air Force, Long Range Aviation, bombing Berlin

The Petlyakov Pe-8 was a Soviet heavy bomber designed before World War II, and the only four-engine bomber the USSR built during the war. Produced in limited numbers, it was used to bomb Berlin in August 1941. It was also used for so-called "morale raids" designed to raise the spirit of the Soviet people by exposing Axis vulnerabilities. Its primary mission, however, was to attack German airfields, rail yards and other rear-area facilities at night, although one was used to fly the People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov from Moscow to the United States in 1942.