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Classic Mercedes Benz SL Restorations by Hemmels


Hemmels Workshop Scenes - Where Classic Mercedes-Benz Are Born Again


One of The Finest Hemmels Mercedes-Benz 280SL W113 Pagoda's


Majestic Hemmels 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL W113 Pagoda in Horizon Blue


Stunning Horizon Blue Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda by Hemmels at Mercedes-Benz World

Hemmels is a Mercedes-Benz restoration and sales company based in Cardiff, Wales, with additional locations in the U.S. The company was formed in 2016 and works with clients in Australia, China, Europe and North America. Hemmels primarily restores SL series Mercedes-Benz automobiles produced between 1954 and 1971, focusing on the 280SL Pagoda, 190SL Roadster and the 300SL Roadster. During its restorations, Hemmels uses a method termed the 'Neugeboren Process', which requires every car to be stripped to its bare-metal frame before being rebuilt. The company has also developed an engine upgrade for the 280SL Pagoda which adds electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection in order to make the engine more efficient and generate more horsepower.