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Surfactant leaching


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Surfactant Leaching


Why is my bathroom paint streaky? Surfactant leaching problems


What Are These Gross Brown Spots on My Bathroom Walls?


Streaking on walls of newly painted room

Surfactant leaching of acrylic (latex) paints, also known as streak staining, streaking, weeping, exudation, etc., occurs when the freshly painted surface becomes wet and water-soluble components of the paint leach out of the paint in sticky brown streaks. This may happen, e.g., due to rain or dew for exterior surfaces, or water vapor condensation on interior ones. On the external surfaces the streaks are normally weather off in several weeks, and removal them before that time is impractical, especially because it may damage the paint before it is completely cured. The streaking phenomenon may also be observed for some silicone sealants.