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Robinson Ekspeditionen 2017


Robinson Ekspeditionen


Veteran Contestants Join The Competition | Survivor DEN


Robinson Ekspeditionen, i aften 20.00 på TV3


Mikael går amok i Robinson Ekspeditionen!


Survivor Sweden 14 intro (Expedition Robinson) [High Quality]

Robinson Ekspeditionen 2017 was the nineteenth season of the Danish version of Swedish television series Expedition Robinson. The season premiered on August 28, 2017. The main twist this season is that the two tribes are divided based by age. The North Team consisting of the oldest contestants, and the South Team consists of the youngest. In addition, the East Team consists of five former Robinson contestants who return for a second chance to have a chance to become this year's Robinson unbeknownst to the others. A returning feature this season is the dual. However, in this season, the winner of the dual has their tribe exempt from participating in the immunity challenge and therefore, safe from tribal council. The loser of the dual is sent home and has to have their tribe compete in the immunity challenge against the tribe that finished second.