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Autecology and synecology


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Difference between Autoecology & Synecology(B.sc-III, zoology-I)


Who gave the terms ''Autecology'' and ''Synecology''?

Autecology is an approach in ecology that seeks to explain the distribution and abundance of species by studying interactions of individual organisms with their environments. An autecological approach differs from both community ecology (synecology) and population ecology by greater recognition of the species-specific adaptations of individual animals, plants or other organisms, and of environmental over density-dependent influences on species distributions. Autecological theory relates the species-specific requirements and environmental tolerances of individuals to the geographic distribution of the species, with individuals tracking suitable conditions, having the capacity for migration at at least one stage in their life cycles. Autecology has a strong grounding in evolutionary theory,including the theory of punctuated equilibrium and the recognition concept of species.