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K136 Kooryong


Again: The Philippines received 50 K136 Kooryong from South Korea, surprising US & UN Air Force


K136A1 Kooryong Multiple Rocket Launcher


K136 Kooryong Multiple Launch Rocket System which will strengthen the Philippine army!


South Korea K136 Kooryong MLRS (Philippines Army horizon 2?)


ROK ARMY VIII Corps K9 THUNDER / K136 KOORYONG/제8군단 K9자주포 K136구룡 사격

The K136 Kooryong is a South Korean rocket artillery system that was deployed in 1986. The multiple rocket launcher has 36 tubes and fires 130mm(K30, 기본형), 131mm(K33, 개량형) rockets. Payload is conventional High explosive and pre-fragmented HE, containing 16 000 steel balls at a range of 22 or 30 km. Launcher is carried on a KM809A1 6x6 truck. About 150 units were built.