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Candy Mountain is a 1988 drama film directed by Robert Frank and Rudy Wurlitzer, and starring Kevin J. O'Connor, Harris Yulin, and Tom Waits. The film was set in New York City and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is categorized as a drama and road-movie and it draws heavy inspiration from the 60's genre of film and music. The film is rated R and contains some adult situations and strong language. The film is Robert Frank's third collaboration with American Novelist and screenwriter, Rudy Wurlitzer. Wurlitzer explains the story of Candy Mountain as a combination of the lives of both him and Robert. He stated "We both live in New York and we both have houses in Cape Breton. In a way Elmore's route was the same as ours. Music and musicians, their dilemmas and lifestyles, mean a lot to Robert and myself."
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