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Elite Syncopations


SCOTT JOPLIN (Elite Syncopations, 1902) Ragtime Piano Roll Legend


Elite Syncopations by Scott Joplin | Cory Hall, pianist-composer


"Elite Syncopations" - Scott Joplin - SaxeTexaS Saxophone Quartet


Scott Joplin - Elite Syncopations


'Elite Syncopations' (Scott Joplin) - Bill Westcott

"Elite Syncopations" is a 1902 ragtime piano composition by American composer Scott Joplin, originally published in 1903 by John Stark & Son. One of his more popular works, it is one of a handful of Joplin's rags for which he recorded a piano roll. The cover of the original sheet music prominently features a well-dressed man and lady sitting on a treble staff, looking down upon a cherub clutching a cymbal in each hand, which reflects plainly the title of the piece. In 1974, the British Royal Ballet, under director Kenneth MacMillan, created the ballet Elite Syncopations based on tunes by Joplin and other composers of the era.