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Denisova 11


Denisova 11 - Et evolutionseventyr


Svetlana Denisova @ Primorye CUP '11.


Svetlana Denisova @ Primorye CUP '11.


Ukrainian Survivor Of Russian Kidnapping And Rape Shares Her Story


Ukrainian woman says she was raped after Russians took her village

Denny is the nickname of a fossil from a 13-year-old girl that lived some 90,000 years ago, shown to be an archaic human hybrid that was half Neanderthal and half Denisovan. Denny was found in 2012 and she represents the first time an ancient individual was discovered whose parents belonged to two discrete species of humans. Her DNA allows for extensive comparative genetic studies between human species, and may inform the frequency of interspecies hominin breeding and its influence on the evolution of the modern human.