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02/12/1547 Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés dies

Hernán Cortés died in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Seville province, from a case of pleurisy at the age of 62. Like Columbus, he died a wealthy but embittered man. He left his many mestizo and white children well cared for in his will, along with every one of their mothers.


  • Personal 

  • Early career in the New World 

  • Destroying the ships 

  • Conquest of Mexico (1519–1521) 

  • Appointment to governorship of Mexico and internal dissensions 

  • Royal grant of arms (1525) 

  • Death of his first wife and remarriage 

  • Cortés and the "Spiritual Conquest" of Mexico 

  • Expedition to Honduras and aftermath 

  • Later life and death 

  • Disputed interpretation of his life 

  • Children 

  • In popular culture