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24/01/1977 Massacre of Atocha


Brazil arrests alleged mastermind behind Spain's 1977 Atocha massacre spanska massakern Atocha 1977


La Matanza de Atocha, el atentado que cambió la Transición


Autor de massacre em Madri em 1977, um homem simpático sob uma falsa identidade


Terrorista espanhol de extrema-direita é preso no Brasil


Atentados causam mortes em Madri (2004)

The Atocha massacre, a part of neofascist terrorism in Spain, was an attack during the Spanish transition to democracy after the death of Franco, killing 5 and injuring 4. It was committed in an office located on 55 Atocha Street near the Atocha railway station in Madrid, where specialists in labour law, members of the Workers' Commissions trade union, and of the then-clandestine Communist Party of Spain, had gathered.